Stainless steel Tanks UK - 304/316/316L

pharmaceutical - 316/316L

When you need the highest quality for stainless steel storage tanks, process tanks, mixing/agitating, pressure tanks, heating and cooling, and accessories, custom built or standard, Accutanks UK will deliver.  We will supply a full engineering drawing to confirm any work taking place.

  • Minimal distortion to the area surrounding the weld
  • Superior guarantee of penetration and lack of porosity
stainless steel tank top
Stainless steel tanks pharmaceutical

food - 316

Dry foods, perishables, dairy, beverages; we supply food grade stainless steel vessels. Let us know what you need to mix or store in our tanks, and we’ll point you towards the options that fit the standards required for your product.

brewery - 316

From stainless steel storage vessels to temperature controlled vessels – custom or standard – a complete range of stainless steel brewing systems. From kettles to mash turns, from fermenters to hot liquor tanks, we have exactly what you need.

alcohol, barley, beer
stainless steel tank nozzle

cosmetics - 316

In cosmetics processing, different cosmetic products require the right type of equipment. From vacuum homogenizers,  lotion and cream making equipment, high shear emulsifiers, filling  capping and labelling machines, the whole process line – just tell us what you need.

dairy - 316

Dairy is a very vibrant industry for us delivering a growing trend towards use of high quality stainless
steel in lieu of plastic equipment with its existing negative connotations.
Stainless steel is:
100% reusable.
100% recyclable.
Yielding significant reduction in microbe blooms.
Reduced need for additional storage or disposable of used scratched, stained equipment.
Meets demanding regulations within the diary industry surpassing that of its plastic counterparts for
future proofing of process validations.

tonne of milk, milk tank, milchebehaelter