About Us

We know stainless steel tanks

We are an enterprising UK company with a mission to supply stainless steel tanks and vessels of the highest quality supported by end to end manufacturing process knowledge in all areas.  No compromises.

Accutanks are committed to assisting our customers with  not only off the shelf replacement equipment but bespoke customised products tailored to their exacting process requirements. We can do this utilising our in-house team of engineers and designers who are already well versed with helping companies through their own manufacturing process journeys.

Sometimes a new look from a different perspective can make all the difference!

Why Stainless steel tanks/accessories and not plastic or single use bags and equipment?  Stainless steel is 100% reusable, stainless steel is proven to give the best scratch and stain resistance reducing bacterial loads and cross contamination, stainless steel is 100% recyclable, so zero carbon footprint lending to a greener user profile with reduced need to dispose of plastics.


To provide high quality stainless steel tanks and accessories at the keenest price to the UK and beyond.


Establishing long-term business relationships as a trusted supplier prepared to work and support our customers from design to implementation