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supplying precision engineered stainless steel tanks, vessels and accessories to the uk and eu  at competitive prices

engineering excellence

High end materials and precision engineering combined with competitive prices mean we can supply your company with the solution it needs to grow.  If you are in the UK or EU, we can deliver the stainless steel storage and accessories to fit your needs.

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We can supply standard tanks and custom builds.  Advice and consultancy available.  Tell us the problem and we will design the solution.  Accutanks offer a comprehensive service for the installation and commissioning of all stainless steel tanks and accessories to the UK and EU.

Stainless Steel Tanks UK

From the dairy farm to coffee bean roasters.  From heavy industry to the microbrewery.  Stainless steel vessels are our thing,

Accutanks has the solution to your business needs, whatever they are.

supporting diverse industries

Whatever your industry, we can supply a tank or vessel to suit your needs. Standard or custom build.

what we can do for you

We can provide high quality standard stainless steel tanks and accessories.  Or we can guide you through the entire design process if a bespoke solution is what you need. 


Whatever standards you require, we can supply - 304, 316 and 316L. Just let us know what you need, or fully describe the process and let Accutanks UK do the rest for you!

custom design

We can tailor designs to fit your needs in the space that you have available with the quality of steel that your process requires. We have standard off the shelf solutions but are always keen to supply you the customer with the best product for your needs making adjustments when the need arises!


We can design and arrange workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. ergonomics aims to improve workspaces and environments to minimise risk of injury or harm, it will also combine readily with 'lean' to minimise waste, risk and help increase profitability.

lean principles

We have specialist designers who are knowledgeable with regard to lean principles. We can provide consultancy to give you the competitive edge.

stainless steel tank nozzle

Frequently Asked Questions.

Stainless steel is the name given to steels containing a minimum of 11% Chromium. However in practice most stainless steels have a higher 18% Chromium content to improve corrosive resistance, which when combined with around 10%-14% Nickel enhances the corrosive resistance still further.

As a general rule 316L is used in all ‘product contact applications’ and 304 used in ‘non contact applications’. However, there are some instances where the product is not suitable for stainless steel and qualified guidance is advised.

304 is an excellent general purpose grade used in many domestic applications. However 316L grade with its lower carbon content and added Molybdenum provides greater corrosive resistance. It is the preferred choice within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

316L contains less carbon than 316 stainless steel so there is less risk of carbide precipitation at weld sites and therefore less likelihood of fissures as a result of the weld.

We can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK or EU.